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News, Information, and Upcoming Events 

Friday Oct. 23rd, Football Team at Mount View 7:30pm

Thursday October 22nd, Volleyball at Cabell Midland 6:00pm

October 27th, 2020 SAT Testing at Tolsia High School

You can see and hear the Tolsia game tomorrow night at Mount View at the following sites:

Radio: WFGH 90.7FM;;


The next opportunity to switch to a blended school schedule will be Oct. 13th at the start of the second six weeks grading period.

All seniors must provide proof of receiving a single dose of TDAP vaccine and a booster dose of the meningococcal vaccine if the first dose was given before the age of 16. This must be provided by first day of school. This is required regardless of in school or virtual attendance.  Seniors will also need to provide proof of a dental and well child exam that has been within the last year. It must have been within one year of the day of enrollment. THERE WILL BE A 45 DAY GRACE PERIOD FOR EXAMINATIONS BUT NOT FOR IMMUNIZATIONS!

Additionally, Seniors will not be allowed to participate in any extracurricular practices or games after the first day of school if we have not received proof of immunizations!

Follow this link for more WV public school immunization information:


Last year’s yearbooks are in, so for those that ordered them, they can pick them up in the office. Remember to wear a mask and wait in the office to be helped.

There’s a limited number of extra books that can be bought. They’re $60. Cash or check to Tolsia High School Yearbook.

Virtual/At Home Resources for Students, Staff, and Parents

Students, Staff, and Parents...

The links below will provide you with resources and information that will make learning at home easier.  These are all accessed via the Wayne County Schools Clever Portal which you will find below.  There are also other links to help you learn a little more about these resources, such as Newsela.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your teacher, the school, etc.

Students, if you are having a Domain issue that is keeping you from logging in, you may need to log into our school network first.  You can do this on your first day back if you have in-person classes, or you can access the school WiFi in our parking lot at any time.  This will most likely fix the issue.  If this does not work, then please contact the school to schedule a repair, do not just show up without an appointment,  or when you have in-person classes, bring it into the library on your first day.


Please make sure to save your work to OneDrive or even better saving your work to OneDrive and a removable USB flash drive (which are very cheap now at places like WalMart and Amazon) as a backup before submitting it to Schoology, etc. For one, these laptops are not top of the line, many are old and abused as well, so you never know when there will be a failure. Further, they have very limited space on their hard drives. I have noticed that some of our older units have only about 1-2gb of memory left after this latest update. While that may be fine for a few papers, when you start saving media heavy files such as PowerPoint presentations and/or videos and pictures, this fills up fast.

You have very little excuse in our technological society to not be smart enough to make sure your data is safe and backed up. You only have yourselves to blame for lost data.