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HELP 4 WV offers services throughout West Virginia, focusing on treatment for addictions and mental health care. HELP 4 WV has 80 professional therapists in its provider network.

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For our students without internet access during the school closings, you can now get access from the Tolsia HS parking lot. Use the connection to access your work on Schoology. If your laptop memory is full, save packets to a USB drive or your Office 365 OneDrive account.

Schools Closed: Beginning March 16, 2020.

Check the Wayne County Schools website

or the West Virginia Department of Education

website for further details.

Upward Bound

Upward Bound is a federally funded program for high school students whose purpose is to motivate and prepare them for higher education.  Students entering their freshman year through their senior year are eligible for our program.  We are interested in students who demonstrate the ability to be successful in college.  Serving students in Cabell, Wayne, and Lincoln counties, we offer tutoring, counseling and workshops.  During the summer program, students have the opportunity to live on the Marshall University campus, earn one elective high school credit, travel, participate in sports, social and cultural activities, and take academic as well as elective classes. As a part of the Federal TRIO Programs, Upward Bound has a well-established record of helping students achieve academic as well as personal success.  Upward Bound is an equal opportunity program and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender or disability.  Any concerns regarding discrimination will be handled by the Director of Upward Bound.

Important Reminders to Speed the Processing of Your Upward Bound Application

  • Check to make sure that you have attached a copy of your parent’s income tax statement (Form 1040 or 1040A) if they filed for income tax.  If your parents did not file an income tax form last year then complete the Financial Statement section of the application as instructed.  It is very important that you have the Financial Statement section of your application signed by a Notary is your parents did not file an income tax statement.  If you have questions about this talk to your In-school Coordinator or contact the Upward bound office at (304) 696-6462.

  • Check with the people that you put down for personal references to make sure that they have completed and returned an evaluation sheet that Upward Bound has sent them.  Upward Bound can only send out these evaluation sheets if you provide us with a complete and accurate address.

  • Once you have provided all the necessary information to the Upward Bound Program your application will be processed and will let you know if the information we have collected on you qualifies you for the Upward Bound Program.  Once this has occurred, it will be necessary for you and a parent to be interviewed by one of our staff members.

  • When you qualify for the upward bound it may be necessary to place you on an alternate list if there are no openings in the program.  Do not get discouraged!  We have students leave the program because they move, resign, or graduate from high school.  When someone leaves Upward Bound, we replace him or her with a person from our alternate list.

  • Remember, if you have any questions, talk with your In-school Coordinator or contact the Upward Bound office at (304) 696-6462.

  • Our fax number is (304) 696-3166 if you wish to fax us information.

You are eligible if:

  • Neither of your parents have a four-year college degree or you are at a certain economic status.
  • You are a student attending one of the following schools:

Huntington High

Lincoln County High

Tolsia High

Wayne High

  • Remember

You do not have to be making above average grades currently, but you must demonstrate potential for success in college.

  • You need to complete an Upward Bond application.

You and your parents need a personal interview

  • You can get an Upward Bond Application from:

“You’re in-school Coordinator”

Upward Bound

Marshall University

One John Marshall Drive

Huntington, WV 25755

(304) 696-6462

(304) 696-3166 (fax)