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HELP 4 WV offers services throughout West Virginia, focusing on treatment for addictions and mental health care. HELP 4 WV has 80 professional therapists in its provider network.

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For our students without internet access during the school closings, you can now get access from the Tolsia HS parking lot. Use the connection to access your work on Schoology. If your laptop memory is full, save packets to a USB drive or your Office 365 OneDrive account.

Schools Closed: Beginning March 16, 2020.

Check the Wayne County Schools website

or the West Virginia Department of Education

website for further details.

Integrated Production Technology-Advanced Manufacturing

Sean Meddings

Integrated Production Technology-Advanced Manufacturing is an Advanced Career's STEM Curriculum.  Advanced Career combines college ready academics with authentic, hands-on projects.  Integrated Production Technologies engages students in using innovation industry-driven technologies to imagine and design new and improved products.  Great entry-level jobs leading to challenging high-paying careers are available across the nation for students who have the academic and technical knowledge and skill sets to succeed.  Marshall University, West Virginia University, and University of Kentucky offers dual credit for classes Advanced Manufacturing III and Advanced Manufacturing IV.