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Upcoming Events 

ASFAB Testing (11/5/19):

In the Media Center/Library during the AM.

Art Club
Art Club is one of the biggest clubs at Tolsia. It has many participants. Art club meets monthly. Anyone can sign up for Art Club, no talent needed, just a love for art. Art Club is one of the most active clubs at Tolsia. They make props for plays, prom. Christmas decorations, and they hold a yearly haunted house. The Art Club also sends some of the best artwork to the Huntington Museum, which they take a yearly field trip to see and have a fun cookout after. Mrs. Rickman, the sponsor of the art club and art teacher here at Tolsia, also holds a senior art show and a yearly art show including all grades. Each art show has students' work from the school year. It's a real great opportunity for students and the community to see what great artists Tolsia High School has to offer! 

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Art Shows

 Art Shows are a great way to let the public see all the talent Tolsia has to offer! Mrs. Rickman has 2-4 different art shows throughout the year. The biggest two being the Spring Show & the Senior Show. Art Club loves to host these events! They always have nice refreshments, smiling faces, and some amazing art to view! It is a very nice event to come down to Tolsia, and see the up and coming artists in the world! So Come on Down! Art Show dates will be posted soon!